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Importance of career guidance at schools

Internet is full of the information that seems enough for getting clue of anything that can happen and do happen. Many of the carrier guides are available for the online assistance. But anything does not signify its usability if it is raw and difficult to understand and implement anywhere else. So it is important for bright future of the coming generation that real guidance is to be provided for better understanding and prerequisite knowledge to get enhanced productivity.

The major concern of today for various institutions is the requirement of career guidance that can help people make a good life ahead not only a good living. Inspirational guidance plays really important role in building up the confidence of the students that are really concerned and depresses for the good future and favourable jobs.

Career guidance is sometimes discarded as it is blamed for producing harsh reality of a well being who can either find a way through all adversities to a happy living otherwise get some departing advice to be demoralized and depressed. But the truth is in understanding the student’s mind, for making it feels about his / her comfort zone so that the hidden treasure of talent can come out and can be utilized to its full potential.

Many of the students are confused and have some doubts that can only be rectified through proper counselling or that dumb so that they cannot even think of future by themselves and want frequent guidance. Some of the dos and don’ts are listed below for giving an idea for dealing with the possibilities of near future after passing schools:

The Dos are:

  • Choose the university or college according to availability of favourable course.
  •  Perform an analytic work for the demanding field at the time of completion of the course, and visit the universities for getting reviews of the current students.
  • See if the infrastructure of that university is appropriate in supporting the needs of that course you want to opt for.
  • Always participate in co-curricular activities for developing leadership skills and team spirit that are becoming essential traits in current job industry.

The Don’ts are:

  • Don’t feel that you have to necessarily opt for a course that your parents insist. Always take career guidance and clarify all aspects prior choosing of any option.
  • Live your life, it’s your interest and choice

Bottom line:

There are many of the options out there; you need to get a proper career guidance that can give you right direction.